Theoretically, bruises, scrapes, burns, and serious injuries such as broken bones and wrist sprains are the signs of the physical abuse or physical violence. For the emotional abuse, it seems to have a tendency towards a variety of the so-called restrained emotions or tightly manipulated passions in general.

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What is an emotional abuse?

Emotional Abuse

It usually involves some unusual cases of how badly the violated people are obliged to suffer from the extreme acts of the abusers from being humiliated, scorned, and verbally teased to bullied, hurt or yelled. These common signs exist in many different people who own a wide range of family backgrounds, social status or ages just like a wife/husband in a family, an agent of a multinational company, a high-qualified doctor at a hospital, or a towering politician of a certain party.

This kind of psychological sign will not deny anyone if it certainly happens in such a bad way. Furthermore, it is certainly quite difficult to be immediately recognized under the eyes of the victims’ surrounding friends and family members. Since it is not a big bruise on the body, even the victims’ closest buddies cannot realize how worse their situation turns out to be, so they sometimes seek a psychologist to get them out of the horrible situations. Another intriguing point is that these cunning abusers may fake their own emotions in such a good way; as a result, the other people cannot even know who are right or wrong!

After the abusers pours out a chain of the aggressive actions and humiliating words towards their poor victims, they will apologize for their offensive moves so as to gain the others’ belief once again. Unfortunately, the same things will occur regularly. Thus, in order to draw a proper conclusion about these emotional abusers, most of the psychological doctors will consider them as the most lying and abusive people in the world.

Be aware of these emotional abusers, or you may become a victim someday!

Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Since most of these abusers are wise enough to hide their true nature, it does not mean that we cannot do anything. At first, you should take time to do some researches on the vague signs of emotional abuse for a better view of the whole happening problem. As supported by many authentic evidences and experienced people, they are concluded to be the key behaviors and attitudes of the abusers:

  • Try not to disclose their true intentions or abusive actions by telling lies and saying the truths in half.
  • Intend to accuse themselves of these bad actions so that they will not be suspected.
  • Ignore the others’ feelings completely, but always consider their owns above all and point them out as the most easily affected.
  • Try to dominate other people by restricting their own wills and emotional expressions.
  • No relevance between their promises and real actions – They do not do as same as what they’ve just said.
  • Have fun in interrupting the others as they speak – Try to restrict the others’ self-expression.
  • Get hooked on making others feel less worthy by lowering their confidence and strong wills.
  • Feel comfortable to take advantage of the others’ vulnerabilities by teasing, saying harsh and humiliating words.

As a whole, the abused victims are emotionally violated, which are commonly happening in daily lives from school to work and in family lives as well. However, these victims feel hard to ask for help and escape this severe world due to being remarkably restrained for a long time. It is the same as the situations of the abusers because they feel dissatisfied with almost everything and cannot clear those sadness and anger away; they try to put all those burdens on the surrounding people, even the ones they love the most.

In other words, both are the victims of the emotionally abusive signs by not opening their hearts to step out of this complicated tragedy.

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